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Assisting Patient - Eye Care in Rutland, VT
Owner, Pamela Parizo, assisting a patient with choosing his eyewear
Eye Test - Eye Care in Rutland, VT
Dr. Frank Aquistapace performing a patient's eye examination
Pamela - Eye Care in Rutland, VT
Pamela Parizo ABOC
Pamela Parizo ABOC
Pamela is the managing owner of Champlain Valley Eyecare and believes she has the best of both worlds; the work she adores and her close knit family whom she loves deeply. She puts a lot into her work and greets each day with boundless energy, warmth and a sense of humor.

Her hard work and dedication earned her an award for being one of the 50 most influential women in the optical industry by the Jobson Optical group in 2003, while still taking time to serve her community. In 2004, Pamela was awarded the Sandra Larabee award as a role model for the American Cancer Society mission (as a breast cancer survivor helping others). The National American Cancer Society also recognized Pamela with the Therese Lasser Award for outstanding work on behalf of the Reach to Recovery program.

In 1984, Pamela's career journey began when she applied for and got a receptionist and frame stylist position at an optician's office. Working as an apprentice, Pamela enrolled in the Vermont Opticianry Apprentice program, an intensive three-year program, which also required her to earn continuing education credits. Once Pamela met the apprenticeship qualifications and passed the American Board of Opticianry test, she earned her license to become a dispensing optician, which she renews every two years.
In 1992 Pamela changed job locations and began work as an office manager and optician. With a passion for her work, she soon spearheaded that business to the top achiever in a chain of five stores. After ten years, she purchased the business where she currently remains as the managing owner.

Married to Don Parizo for over 30 years, Pamela and Don have two daughters; Amanda and Jacquie, and two grandchildren respectively; Jackson and Isabella, all who are central to her life as are her patients at Champlain Valley Eyecare.

In her free time, Pamela says with a chuckle, "I love to travel and exercise in the out-of-doors, to browse local shops and most importantly, to take my grandchildren wherever they lead me!"
Frank - Eye Care in Rutland, VT
Dr. Frank Aquistapace OD
Dr. Frank Aquistapace
After 23 years of practicing Optometry, Dr. Aquistapace offers high praises for his 19 years working at Champlain Valley Eyecare. “I enjoy the staff and we truly are a team. Here, I have been allowed to practice full scope optometry. Champlain Valley Eyecare has provided me with the staff, equipment and support that have allowed me to provide top notch care for my patients. Our size allows us to interact with all of our patients on many different levels. The greatest part is that patients have come to appreciate the quality of care we provide and the personal touch we strive to provide to everyone.” The Rutland Herald and its readers have awarded Dr. Aquistapace the "Best of the Best in Optometry”.

Born and raised in Rutland, it was a natural choice for Dr. Aquistapace to choose Optometry for his profession because he always had a fascination for how the eye works and a driving desire to be employed in the field of medicine.

After 4 years of attending St. Michael's College and receiving a BS in science, Frank attended the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee, graduating cum laude in 1988 with his Doctor of Optometry degree. Dr. Aquistapace's undergraduate and professional degree required an extensive eight years of higher education. And more; demonstrating his commitment to his patients and his profession, Dr. Aquistapace voluntarily surpasses the Dr. of Optometry licensing requirement of earning 40 hours of continuing education every two years, by attending additional seminars that keep him abreast of new technologies and the most recent information.
Although Frank enjoys hunting, fishing, and sporting clay, he loves most spending time with his family, his wife and two sons who are currently both in college.
Karen - Eye Care in Rutland, VT
Karen Barnard ABOC
Karen Barnard ABOC
As an eyeglass and contact lens wearer and employee as an optical sales associate for a local retailer, Karen was eager to learn much more about how optics worked. After three years as a sales associate, her desire to find other employment that offered an apprenticeship called her to respond to a help wanted ad for Champlain Valley Eyecare where she began her tenure and an apprenticeship under Pamela Parizo 11 years ago.

After serving as an apprentice for three years, Karen joined the Optician's Association of Vermont and took The American Board of Opticians examination and obtained her license in December of 2002. Every two years, Karen takes ten hours of continuing education requirements to maintain her license.

When asked about what she likes most about working at Champlain Valley Eyecare, Karen is not shy, “We are a close knit well-oiled machine that delivers the best quality eyewear on the planet with the best quality service available.”

Out of work, Karen loves spending time with her husband, children and a beautiful grandson where they are often found camping, fishing, snowmobiling, traveling and occasionally on a cruise.
And of course, there are frequent Opticianry discussions with her husband, who is also an Optician.